Welding and Chillers

Chillers and Welding

In MIG or TIG welding, cooling capacity and flow rate are vital to the extended periods of time of aluminum welding, and large flux cord. City water supply was originally used in areas involving welding. However sewers and run off water became polluted with heavy metals, for this reason city water supply is no longer used. Chilling units mounted on the roof can cause problems as well. Debris can be swept into the cooling system and cause blockages or backups. Another problem associated with roof top units is the change in weather. Ambient air temperatures vary with the seasons and cause the cooling requirements of the towers to fluxuate.  A cooling tower is not recommend in certain types of welding because water flow is insufficient. The flow rate can become unstable and cause problems. A well fitted pump, and plumbing system created for a resistance welder, can create a perfect environment.