Welding Market Analysis

Welding History

Welding started in the Bronze and Iron Ages. These times are indicative of urban civilization and the use of iron and steel. In the Middle Ages, the conception of forges and blacksmithing were introduced. During these times, welding was not limited to the Renaissance area of Europe. The practice emerged in the area of Egypt and its surrounding areas. From this age to the early 1880’s, welding was modified by the likes of Sir Humphry Davy, and Vaslly Petrov. During the 1880’s, Nikolia Benardos and Stanislaw Olszewski also made contributions to the expanding technology. The knowledge of welding advanced all the way to WWI where the American Welding Society was founded. Women were introduced to the work force in WWII when men were no longer available to work these jobs, because they were sent off to fight. From this time forward, welding continued to advance past hot steel and into lasers. With advancement of different technologies, welding continues to grow and remains a stable job market.